We have been in the Snoqualmie Valley since time immemorial. sqʷed (Snoqualmie Falls) is the birthplace of the sdukʷalbixʷ. We had more than 90 long houses along the Snoqualmie River and its tributaries. These rivers and streams were the highways used to travel from village to village and connected all the ʔaciłtalbixʷ (Natives). The fish, game, trees and roots provided us with everything we need to live. All of this was given to us by dukʷibeł (Transformer) in the ancient times when all of the animals could talk and before things were what they are now.
We are the sdukʷalbixʷ, People of Moon. We are the decedents of słukʷalb tə dukʷibeł. We have lived, hunted and fished this area for as long as the earth and rivers remember. We are still here today; caring for the land, water, fish and game that dukʷibeł gave us.
sqʷed is our birthplace. The mists carry our thoughts and prayers to the spirits and ancestors as they cleanse our thoughts. The rushing waters give us the strength to keep our traditions alive and to continue to thrive in the modern times.
Photo by Steve de los Angeles