Archeology and Historic Preservation

The department of Archeology and Historic Preservation is charged with being the steward of the Snoqualmie people’s history and curator of their future. We protect Tribal artifacts and other cultural properties anywhere they are found in the state. We tie our past and future together in the present.

The department of Archeology and Historic Preservation's mission is to identify, evaluate and protect cultural, historic and archaeological resources, including artifacts, documents or oral traditions that are associated with the Snoqualmie People. We do this by working with Tribal, local, state and federal organizations on projects that may affect cultural or historic properties that are important to the Snoqualmie People. We also educate the public and Tribal Members on Tribal history and cultural preservation.

Contact us to learn more:

Steven Mullen Moses
Director of Archaeology & Historic Preservation
P: 425.888.6551 ext.1106
C: 425.495.6097

Adam Osbekoff
Cultural Resource Outreach Specialist
P: 425.888.6551 ext.1106

Aaron Webster
Archeology Technician
C: 425-466-0263